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  • ∙ Compact headbox with wireless and ambulatory options
  • ∙ Battery Operation / Optical Isolations
  • ∙ Intuitive “Dashboard” interface
  • ∙ Always On Impedance Indications

    TruScan Family

    The TruScan family of EEG systems offers state-of-the-art functionality for clinical EEG systems. The amplifier design is small and compact and runs completely on batteries. All systems have the versatility to be used in ambulatory, workstation, or detached wireless scenarios. When used with a hospital cart, you can quickly detach the amplifier to go wireless and put the headbox next to the patient. The user interface is easy to learn due to the intuitive dashboard-style controls. Connectivity to a hospital network including HL7 is possible as well as remote streaming of data anywhere on the network for both EEG and Video. Optional upgrades include VEP, SEP’s, P300, and HD MPEG-4 synchronized video with Picture in Picture.


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