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Disposable Stimulation Clip

Disposable Stimulation Clip

User Benefits

• Suitable for EMG, NCS, IONM and EP monitoring.

• Easy to attach to dilators, with a diameter between 5mm and 22mm.

• Insulated ergonomic handle.

• Standard 1.5mm DIN 42802-1 connector with a 2.5m lead wire that can connect to a wide range of nerve monitors.

• Ready to use, no cleaning or preparation needed.

• Individually sterile packed.

• Single patient use to avoid cross-contamination.



Disposable Stimulation Clip

Materials                  Width of Clip                    PVC Mold              Wire Length               Packing                   Part Number

Stainless Steel                 6mm                        Black                           2.5 m                         Box of 1                 TE/Q95-931


Not made with natural rubber latex                  √

REACH & RoHS (EU) compliant                        √

Lead wire core                                           Tin Plated Copper

Lead wire insulation                                        PVC

Connector                                                  DIN 42802-1

Shelf life for unopened pouches                 36 months


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